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Here at Master Blade our first priority is to make sure you walk away from your cutting experience as satisfied with your diamond tools as we are. Here you will find tips on selecting the right diamond tool for the job, with easy to use charts to make sure your investment is secured.

Throughout the years we have went into the field many times to study how our diamond blades are performing. As a result, we have seen first hand how people handle and cut with our blades. Off this knowledge, we have built an information site based off of the most common issues diamond tool operators may run into.

We found that our diamond blades perform flawlessly even under the toughest conditions, if used with the proper technique. What many operators don't always see, is that a dull blade is not always a broken blade. Please take a quick moment to review all our tips and see how easy some issues can be to overcome, saving you time and money!

Diamond Tool Glossary - Tool Terms

Types    of    Diamond    Tools

There are many types of diamond tools used for cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing. These tools mainly consist of diamond blades, grinding cups and core bits. The diamonds used in these tools are located within the metallic segments welded onto the steel core.

For more information regarding the different types of diamond tools, click on the link below to get started.

Getting Started

If you already know the basics of diamond blades and how they work then it's time to select what blade you will need for your cutting application. Click on the following link to view more info regarding cutting recommendations, depth charts, RPM and more.

Selecting Blades

Remember, whenever using power tools safety should be your 1st priority. Proper blade usage, safety equipment and a safe environment should be some of the things to keep in mind. Visit our tech info page for more tips regarding some common problem solving and safety tips when using diamond tools.

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