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Diamond    Blades    and    Grinding    Cup    Safety

On receiving your new diamond blade or grinding cup you will want to examine it fully to ensure it was not damaged in the shipping. Secure your blade or cup firmly onto your machine but do not over tighten it. You will want to run it for about one minute before starting.

Always wear the proper safety equipment making sure your eyes, ears, feet and head are protected and remove any loose objects that may be caught in the machinery. You may want to use respiratory equipment depending on what you are cutting.

Know your machine! Make sure you read your machines operating manual and safety instructions. If using a saw, always ensure it has a safety guard that covers at least 50% of the blade. Never transfer your blade while it is still in the machine and always make sure your machines liquid levels are correct.

Make sure you are using the right blade or cup for the right material. Also make sure you are using the tool with water if called for. If the wrong tool is used, damage may be caused to the machine, operator or the tool itself.

When you are using the blade you will want to make sure you have a firm hold on any hand saws and are always guiding the blade through the material as opposed to forcing it. When using a diamond blade, you will never want to cut curves or radii and will want to always ensure your blade is not deflecting a cut.

When grinding you will always want to make sure you are grinding only on the face of a straight wheel. If you need side grinding work done, you will want to make sure you have the proper disc wheel. You never want to force grinding causing your work to get hot or the motor to noticeably slow down.

As you continue to use your diamond blade or grinding cup, inspect it often for flatness on the mounting flanges, cracks, and any segment or damage to the arbor hole. You will also want to keep your blades and cups clean of any materials left over from previous jobs. Make sure your grinding cups and saws are always in balance.

You can never be safe enough when using powerful tools like these. Please take caution and make sure you or your staff is fully trained in operating machinery.

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