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The Premium LAB blade is one of our most popular sellers. The LAB is laser welded and has drop segments. The LAB is designed to cut concrete with an overlay of asphalt and does not require a two step cut method. Its special design has wide gullets (the spaces between the segments) to help quickly remove the cutting material.



Now you can switch where your light switch is placed almost as quick as switching off the light. They have invented battery-free light switches that do not require electricity or wires. The switch works off of an energy harvesting technology where just the simple act of clicking the switch creates enough energy to turn on a light bulb or fan. This will make design and construction problems solved easily. 



Diamond blades were invented during the WWII era by Richard Felker. When WWII began Felker had designed several cutoff saws with blades that could cut through quartz frequency crystals used in radios in the war effort.



Always wear the proper safety gear! Make sure your eyes, ears, head and mouth are covered. Remove all loose pieces of accessories or anything that could get caught in your machinery.



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